How Do I Know If I Have Fibroids?

 Uterine fibroid embolization treatment is a medical technique that will shrink the fibroids that are causing you to experience negative symptoms. During your treatment, we will use minimally invasive methods to prevent blood from flowing to these fibroids. This technique, which is also known as a UFE, has a very high success rate.

Scientific evidence has shown that this technique has an average success rate of about 90%. In addition, about 80% of people did not have any negative symptoms five years after they received this minimally invasive treatment. As a result, these people did not need to get additional fibroid treatments or receive hysterectomies.

how do i know if i have fibroids

Many people who have undergone this treatment have enjoyed a significant improvement in their symptoms. Women with heavy menstruation find that their flow adjusts to normal after the treatment.

In contrast to other fibroid treatments, embolization can target most, if not all, fibroids in the uterus. This treatment is an excellent option, not just for those who have a high number of uterine fibroids. Even women dealing with only a small number of fibroids also experience good results and benefits from the treatment.

Experiencing Period Problems

Developing a very heavy menstrual period is one of the most common signs of uterine fibroids. As this problem becomes worse, you might have difficulty leaving your home to perform errands and other tasks. Further, you may stain your clothing and bedsheets. In addition, you might have to wake up during the night to change your tampons or pads.

Your fibroids can also cause you to have menstrual periods that last for a very long time. Experiencing these lengthy periods can cause you to feel tired and uncomfortable. In addition, you may begin to bleed during other times of the month.

Developing Urinary Challenges

If you have uterine fibroids, you might begin to go to the bathroom more frequently. When you try to urinate, you might be unable to completely empty your bladder. In addition, you may feel constipated and bloated.

Experiencing Other Symptoms

In addition to the problems described above, uterine fibroids can cause you to feel pain in your pelvic area, legs, and lower back. These sensations can distract you during your work and make it difficult for you to take part in social activities. In addition, you may feel discomfort during sexual activities.

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